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The mission of the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County is to provide intervention, education, outreach, advocacy, and programs to prevent, reduce, and remedy Domestic Violence in Chester County.


DVCCC began as the YWCA Women's Resource Center (WRC) to serve as an informational and referral source for Chester County women. In response to the great need for services, WRC reorganized in 1976 as the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County, focusing on domestic violence intervention and prevention. DVCCC is the only organization within Chester County that has a contract with the PA Department of Human Services and the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence to provide services to victims and their dependent children who present their primary victimization as domestic violence - which includes family and relationship abuse such as intimate partner abuse, teen dating violence, elder abuse, child abuse, and forms of human trafficking.

The vision of the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County is to eliminate Domestic Violence in Chester County.

We believe that all people and children are entitled to a safe environment free from violence. We recognize that every person is at risk, and we are committed to working collectively and cooperatively to end violence against women, men, and children in our community. We believe that each person has the ability and right to control their own life. We are committed to empowerment-based support services which affirm a person's competence to make decisions. We believe we must take an active role in increasing public awareness that domestic violence is a crime and in advocating systems change, in order to reduce tolerance for domestic violence in our community.

DVCCC is the only organization in Chester County that has the contract with the US Department

of Human Services and PCADV to provide services to victims that present their primary victimization as domestic violence, which includes family and/or relationship violence such as intimate partner violence, dating violence, human trafficking, and elderly family and/or intimate partner violence.

Mission & More

“Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time."

- Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG).

RBG’s words speak to the impact that any action, no matter how small or how grand, can have a lasting impact on the lives of individuals, and families, and change can happen with a measured approach, step by step. These words speak to the survivors we serve at the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County (DVCCC) as they grow step by step to an empowered life free from domestic violence.


But change can be very challenging and at times is not always welcomed. It does require adaptation and many times working and rising together. That has truly been the case this year. While Fiscal Year 2020 (July 1, 2019), started as a “normal” year for us at DVCCC, it ended as one we will never forget.

We could not have anticipated how the Covid-19 Pandemic would change our world in the way we live and work. But one thing has not changed – domestic violence. And in fact, the reality is the pandemic has increased the occurrence of domestic violence as unemployment, work-at-home orders, financial struggles, and home schooling have played as triggers for abuse, while support systems have been cut off.


But during the COVID-19 pandemic, the DVCCC’s services never stopped. DVCCC continued to help victims and survivors not only by answering phone calls, responding to texts and e-mails but also with critical items such as rent, food, shelter and emotional well-being. DVCCC’s legal team has also continued to offer legal advocacy and representation to individuals.

How did DVCCC do this?

With you, our donors: individuals, businesses, organizations, event fundraisers, communities of faith, United Ways, foundations, clubs, and public funders. The generosity has been incredible. Without these resources, we would not have been able to continue all services throughout the onset of the pandemic. And with our staff: the need for social distancing and the sudden shift to largely virtual/remote service delivery, the DVCCC staff went above and beyond, using creativity, resourcefulness and determination to continually provide programs and services ranging from adult and children counseling, legal advocacy and representation, 24/7 hotline, emergency shelter, as well as public education and awareness services. Their commitment has been essential in keeping things running. And with our volunteers: who assist the Center in so many ways from donating supplies, answering hotline calls and providing court accompaniment for survivors.


The pandemic is not over, and the work to implement existing and continued services to our clients will hold additional challenges. But we are determined and hopeful. DVCCC finds its strength in valuing each other and working together – including staff, volunteers, clients, partners and supporters – to find solutions. By doing so, we will take on these tough times and persevere. With your support, we will find and implement solutions to make the most of the future as we keep empowering individuals.

As you read this 2019-2020 Annual Report, you will understand the difference that DVCCC makes throughout Chester County, Pennsylvania. Despite these challenging times, your generosity and care for our community continues to inspire hope for what we can accomplish together. We are so very grateful for your continued support.


At DVCCC, we take the words of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to heart because our clients tell us what a difference we are making in their lives. Remember, as a volunteer, a donor, a grantor or a community partner, the actions you take make a difference towards change. And working and rising together can make a grand change!


Thank you for making a difference,


"DVCCC lifted my spirits up, gave me hope, and made me stronger as a person. When you feel all alone, remember there is someone out there that will hold you hand and help you stand up again so keep your chin up and you will see a better tomorrow!"

"It has not been easy, but DVCCC staff helped me every step of the way. I know I still have a way to go, but I am a long way from where I came from and I now know that I have support to help me on this journey."

"Through working with DVCCC, I have learned that it's never too late to go after your dreams and never allow someone to tell you that you cannot do something: because you can!"

Message from Leadership
Survivors' Stories

In 2019-2020, DVCCC received 3,580 hotline calls

with a steady increase in calls beginning in March 2020, with the the COVID-19 pandemic


Accredited by the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO), DVCCC provides a wide range of services for victims/survivors of domestic abuse including several options for counseling, housing, and legal support at our main office and six additional outreach offices throughout Chester County. In 2019-2020, DVCCC proudly opened our first permanent office space in Phoenixville, hired a third full-time staff attorney and legal advocate to provide our quality legal services at the Chester County Justice Center, and enhanced our leadership team by adding a Victim Services Coordinator.

Direct Services

1,682 brand new adults & 199 children

received 12,491 hours of counseling

360 Protection From Abuse cases

were represented and 1,043 individuals received legal options counseling


88 adults & 64 children

received 4,230 nights of Emergency Shelter

18 adults & 20 children

safely resided in Bridge Housing for 4,550 nights

15 adults & 27 children

found a home in one of our independent housing programs


With the pandemic, we needed to make swift and vital changes to our service provision to protect our residents, survivors, and staff. In this, we quickly mobilized to create procedures to assure proper sanitization and appropriate social distancing efforts. With so many staying in our safe house/shelter program, we knew they were at risk, so we safely and quickly relocated several families to hotels throughout the county. Staff rapidly learned new technologies to continue our quality counseling services remotely, while our dedicated legal team continued to provide their essential services at the open courthouse.

Overcoming COVID

We knew that the stay-at-home orders put into effect in March 2020, keeping many isolated with their abusers, paired with rising unemployment rates could prove to be a dangerous situation for victims/survivors of domestic abuse and we actually saw a notable and steady increase in our hotline calls as well as a significant increase in service recipients (over 51%) once Chester County entered the "green phase" of reopening in June 2020!


The strength of our Chester County community is how we step up and support one another through challenging times. At DVCCC, we were humbled and honored to have the support of so many to assist us in maintaining our lifesaving services throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Local businesses - like Bar Avalon, Vibe Vault Fit, The Classic Diner, Gage Fitness, and more - assisted us by hosting creative and successful fundraising events. We also were grateful to local and state foundations/organizations who provided us with significant grants to help us provide the safest and most efficient services during this unprecedented time:

Copy of 2019-2020 Annual Report.png
Outreach & Education

91 education & prevention programs for youth

reaching 1,894 children & teens

77 education programs & trainings for adults

reaching 2,617 community members, healthcare, law enforcement, and other professionals


Successes of Department

In 2019, our Lethality Assessment Program was awarded with a District Attorney's Office Commendation for its role in decreasing domestic violence-related homicides in Chester County. We continued growing our educational partnership with Lincoln University - even adding the campus to our Purple Ribbon campaign in October! We participated in 39 community-wide events, including new & unique opportunities, like the Anti-Human Trafficking Cupcake Competition, where we took home the coveted People's Choice award!


Adapting to COVID

With the COVID-19 Pandemic causing shutdowns in our area, we leaned into technology and increased our virtual outreach - developing a successful Coaching Boys Into Men video series in addition to other in-house videos, adding a pandemic resource guide for survivors to our website, and hosting/participating in several webinars!

Individual Supporters

Names in bold gave $1,000+ in FY20

Abbott, Frances & Francis

Adams, Karen

Adams, Susan

Adams-House, Kathy

Agra, Arturo

Ahulm, Nancy

Alden, Madeline

Allen, Brad & Susan

Alling, Bruce & Andrea

Alstrom, Lauren

Altoonian, Gary & Eileen Carr

Amerine, William & Kell

Ammon, Karen

Anderson, Molly

Anderson, Nicole & Caswell

Andiario, Karen

Angelakos, Eleni

Archer, Gregory & Jane

Arena, Vincent

Armstrong, Jacqueline

Arnosti, Nancy

Avicolli, Mari

Babicki, Samuel

Baddeley, Paul & Emily

Baker, Janice

Baker, Michael

Baldyga, Jeff

Bang, Laura

Bannon, Chrissy

Banta, S.B. & E.

Barbe, Michael

Barnes, Langley

Barr, Amanda

Barthol, Chad & Theresa

Bates, Megan

Bauer, Kevin & Lorie

Baxter, Melissa

Beccaria, Louis & Lynn Seay

Beck, John & Catherine

Bennett, Debbie

Bennett, Melissa

Bernardini, Eliza

Berry, Robert & Laura Snead

Bilek, Luke

Bilotta, Christine

Blank, Julie

Boden, Tiffany

Boggs, Lin

Borish, Arnold & Linda

Bowley, NancyBoyer, Debra

Boyer, Jamie

Brandenberger, Megan

Bradley, Julia

Bradley, Sean & Melanie

Braffman, Sally

Brantner, Allison

Braunlein, Amy

Brazill, James & Robyn

Brewer, Ellen

Bridges, Adean

Brill, Jon & Shannon

Brill, Kathy

Britt, Catherine

Brizick, Peter & Susan

Brochet, Robert & Christina

Broudy, Doris

Brown, Connie

Brown, Patrick & Beth Ann

Bruns, Stephen & Megan

Bryer, Pam

Burdumy, Nichole

Burk, Russell

Butch, Stacey

Butcher, Elisha

Butcher, Kenneth & Jacqualine Butcher-Jones

Butler, Marge

Calabrese, Patricia

Campbell, Jen

Capitano, Johnna

Carney, Beth

Caroto, Michael & Toni

Carr, Kathryn

Carroll, Kristine

Carroll, Marnie

Carroll, Tina

Carter, Kathleen

Casey, Caroline

Casler, Valerie

Casotti, Linda

Cassidy, Michael & Anne Marie

Chan, Chin Penn & Mo Har Michelle

Chew, Krista

Chisena, Barbra

Cicconi, Robert

Ciorrocco, Pete & Trish

Cirone, Frank & Cindy

Citro, Grace

Clark, Tom & Kim

Claussen, Erich & Amanda

Coble, James & Cynthia

Colaprete, John & Marie

Cole, Jourdan & Samuel Kountz

Coleman, Blaise

Collison, Stephanie

Corbin, The Honorable Becky & Mike

Cottle, Jeffrey & Elizabeth

Craig, Matthew & Linda

Cremeni, Donna

Crisp, Thomas & Bradley Piner

Critchlow, Mary

Croft, Hunter & Christina

Croley, John & Cynthia

Croul, Vicki

Crowell, Robert

Crowell, Ryan

Crump, Brian & Megan

Curtis, Kevin & Dawn

Darshani, Kirti

Davidson, Tracy

De Nardo, Linda

DeCola, Christine

DeFelice, Luke & Colleen

DeFriest, Bob & Karen

Deitz, Martin

Delinski, Martin

DePiano, Heather

Desieno, Brian & Diane Lane

DiBattista, John & Laura

Dick, Christine

Dillman, Susan

Dobrowolski, Amanda

Doherty, Dee & Jeff

Dole, Alexandre & Renee

Donnelly, Kathleen & Michael

Donofry, Nolan & Stephanie

Donoghue, Andrew & Danielle

Driscoll, Timothy & Judi

Duell, Joyce

Dunleavy, William & Julie

Dushkewich, Thomas & Lara

Dwyer, Elizabeth

Dycio, Stephen & Rebecca

Eaton, Lyn

Egan, Maureen

Ehrlich, Scott & Deborah

Eidenmuller, Lucas & Cristin

Einstein, Ann

Einstein, Douglas

Elduff, John & Anne Marie

Elton, Molly & Nathan

Emig, Morgan

Etherington, Kate

Eveland, Blaire & Andrew McEntyre

Ewing, James & Tracy

Farina, Amy & Steve

Feldman, Geraldine & Samuel

Feltenberger, Heather

Ferris, Joseph

Fetter, Stephen & Justine

Fietz, Emily

Finan, Margaret & Donald

Finley, Kelliann

Fitzpatrick, Judy

Flowers, Roberta

Foley, M. Ellen

Ford, Kristen

Fortin, Maria

Fowlkes, David & Kimberly

Foxx, William and Patricia

Francois, Gerard & Jean

Franklin, Jennifer

Franks, Carol

Freed, Daniel

Froncillo, Matthew & Kristen

Fultz, David & Katherine

Gadaleto, Andrew & Mary

Gadaleto, Anne

Galer, Lele

Gamble, Scott & Rebecca

Garabedian, Amy

Garahan, John

Garland, James

Garnick, Pamela

Garrett, Betty

Gaspari, Mary

Gavin, Theresa

Geibel, Brooke

Geier, Gregory & Tanya Boland

Geiger, Rachel

Genovese, Richard

George, Alyssa

German, Sarah

Giardini, Christine

Gilbert, Laura

Gill, Jennifer

Gilman, Norman & Hope

Giordano, Charles & Bonita

Goodman, Joyce

Goodwin, Chad

Greaser, Lori

Greenberg, Marc

Greist, Marilyn

Grinwis, Wayne & Brea Daniels

Gular, Marianne

Guth, Ryan

Hackett, Claire

Hall, Teresa

Hammond, Deborah

Harrison, Richard & Gina

Hawkins, Emma

Hearns, Brian & Kristina

Heberling, Susan

Hein, Scott & Dana

Heinerichs, Scott & Erin

Helminiak, Christina

Hendrickson, Nanci

Hennigan, Christine

Herb, Heather

Hertzler, Dawn

Hess, Carol

Hickey, John & Susan

Hicks, Andrew & Caitlin

Hicks, James & Linda

Hill, Elizabeth

Hill, Kristal

Hillman, Elizabeth

Hipp-Ludwick, Susan & Mark Ludwick

Hochella, Janet

Hodge, Bruce & Nancy

Hoffman, Heather

Hoffman, John & Melanie

Hoffman, Nanci

Hoffman, Theresa

Hoffmayer, John & Tara Ellen

Holland, Eartha

Holliday, Matthew

Holvey, Christopher & Claire

Hontz, Keith & Lee

Hopkins, Kevin & Kristyn

Horan, Nicole

Horne, Melinda

Horowitz, Ian

Hosford, Bowen & Dianne

Hotmer, Greta

Hovington, Nakeya

Howard, Carrie

Huebner, Lisa & Liz Crockett

Hugel, Maureen

Humes, Anne

Huston, Cathy & Joseph

Hutchings, Linda

Inners, Christina

Isaacsohn, Shelley

Jacob, Deidre

Jacobs, G.A.

Jakubowski, Candy

Janney, Anita

Janson, Carole

Jessup, Janice

Johns, Patricia

Johnson, Jane

Johnston, Merrill

Kane, Ava

Kaufman, Mary

Keg, Frank & Antonia

Kerrigan, Daniel & Tara

Killgore, Roy

Kinch, Marie & Michele

Kinch, Neil & Denise Wine

King, Maeve

Kipp, Jennifer

Kita, Yvonne

Klaes, Martina

Klara, Michelle

Klebes, Donald & Tracy

Klein, Howard & Lonnie

Kline, Kristen

Knox, Gary & Kitty

Knox, Marie

Kocsi, Mark & Colleen

Konsler, Gloria

Kornecki, Sammi

Kosits, Nicole

Kothari, Anita

Kraft, Danya

Kraxner, Brandon & Staci

Laino, Vince & Lynne

Laman, Deborah & James

Lamb Mawby, Marietta

Lambert, Julia

Lammer, Dana

Langr, Nancy

Lawson, Ruby

Lee, Kevin & Philomena

Lehning, John & Heide

Leidy, Kyle


Melissa, Odette, Amelia, Carolina, Ashley, and Kate represent DVCCC in Harrisburg for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Copy of 2019-2020 Annual Report.png

Barre3 West Chester held a class on Mas Mexicali Cantina's rooftop as a fundraiser for DVCCC.


Our High School Student Art Contest always has fantastic local artists serve as judges! Thank you Dianne Herrin, Meg Wolensky, Jackie Szafara, Victoria Wyeth, and Adrian Martinez!

Copy of 2019-2020 Annual Report.png

We were proud to partner with West Chester University's Center for Women and Gender Equity, and President's Commission on the Status of Women to paint WCU purple!


The Vibe Vault hosted a rocking happy hour fundraiser at Mas Mexicali Cantina's rooftop to benefit DVCCC! What a fun time!

Copy of 2019-2020 Annual Report.png

DVCCC's CEO, Dr. Dolly Wideman-Scott, proudly holds the District Attorney's Office Commendation DVCCC's LAP program received in 2019 alongside Tom Hogan.


Vibe Fault Fit founders, Kristine Carrol and Dr. Bhavna Vaswani Shyamalan, are photographed here with the Mas Happy Hour Fundraiser's Guest Bartender, director, M. Night Shyamalan!

Copy of 2019-2020 Annual Report.png

Motivational Speaker and Author, Jen Croneberger and NBC 10's Tracy Davidson hosted another installment of Lifting Your VOICE - a retreat for empowerment which benefit DVCCC.


DVCCC loves our local student leaders at Lincoln University and proudly celebrate and educate alongside the Lincoln University Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Program all year long!

Copy of 2019-2020 Annual Report.png

Guest judge, Victoria Wyeth, presents the award to the winner of our High School Student Art Contest, Mariel Dinatale!


DVCCC's LAP Coordinator, Ashley, was interviewed by WHYY this year on the successes and challenges of implementing the Lethality Assessment Program.

Leipold, Robert

Leister, Linette

Leitner, Roberta

Leonard, Jade

Lerch, Lisi

Lewis, David & Annelise

Lewis, Eliza

Liebman, Linda

Linn, Chuck

Linton, Jennifer

Loftus, Veena

Lohmuller, Evelyn

Long, Leonora

Long, Tracy

Lopez, Louie

Lough, Brittney

Lowther, Martha & William

Lunardi, Christopher

Lunardi, Elaine

Lurie, Debbie

Lutz, Christina

Lynch, William & Kristin

MacArdle, Kate

MacKenzie, Morgan

Macket, Mary Ann

Mackrides, Carolyn

MacMillan, D.B. & Beth

MacPherson, Michelle

Magers, Dorothy

Magliula, Gina

Maguire, Daniel

Mahoney, William

Malesich, James & Julia

Mallace, Robert

Manson, Rachel

March, David & Chrstine

Marcy, Ashley

Marie, Nicole

Marker, Suzie

Maron, Pat

Marsico, David & Jill Laboranti

Martin, Allison

Martinez, Adrian

Martinez, Curt

Maslo, Thomas & Carolyn

Matonti, Lisa

Matthews, Stephanie

Maxwell, Rebecca

May, Marelizabeth

Mayberry, Robert

Mayk, Joseph & Brenda

McAllister, Daniel & Rebecca

McCaughan, Kevin & Nancy

McCawley, Dwight & Cristina

McClafferty, Erin

McClemens, David & Carol

McClintock, Robert

McCormick, Mike & Marlene Matosky

McDevitt, Jessica

McDougall, Christina

McGoldrick, Claudia & Todd

McGoldrick, James & Luisa

McGrory, Megan

McKee, Mary Lou

McKeon, Ryan & Amanda

McLaughlin, Rachel

Mcllwain, Cynthia & Forrest

McNally, Arianna

McNeil, Robert & Jennifer

McNeill, Thomas & Lisa

McNemar, Lauressa

Mendoza, Kathy

Mercogliano, Kathryn

Merrick, Denise

Micco, Emily

Miles, Lauren

Miller, Scott & Diane

Mincer, Dale & Shelley

Montague, Laurie

Monterosso, Francis

Moody, Sara

Moody, Terry & Jack

Mooney, Stephen & Hope

Moorhead, Alice

Morganti, Kevin & Colleen

Morris, Michael

Morris, Thomas

Morrissey, Mary Beth

Morton, Michael & Kim

Mulhern, Judith

Munz, Joshua & Elizabeth

Murray, Conor

Musewicz, Eli

Nappi, Dominic & Teresa

Narayan, Villur & Nithya

Neary, John & Elaine

Neeb, Michael & Patricia

Nerelli, Dania

Nero, Iman

Noah, Brian & Caitlin

Novinskie Olbrich, Christine

Novinskie, Gary

Obara, John & Noelle

O'Connell, Maureen

O'Connor, Jessica

Ollis, Sgt. Rodger & Michele

O'Loughlin, Sean & Rebecca

O'Neil, J.E.

O'Neill, Victoria

Oppenheim, Daniel

O'Reilly, Gerard & Melody

Orth, Miles & Stephanie

Osborne, Peggy

Oswald, Mary

Ott, Paula

Pacella, Melissa

Pak, Ann

Palmer, Alan

Papale, Stephane

Patterson, Kent & Virginia

Peppelman, Robert & Joy

Petchel, Valerie

Peterkin-Remias, Jennifer

Petty, Debbie

Pfeifer, Joann

Philpott, A. Crispin & Martha

Piccirilli, Aimee

Pike, Leslie

Pizzino, Joseph & Cecilia

Plante, Robert & Linda

Polidore, John & Dawn

Pollock, William & Constance

Popma, Mary

Presbytery of Philadelphia

Profrock, Kathleen

Pron, Steven & Julieann

Pugliese, Brett

Purcell, Richard & Elizabeth

Pyle, Jill

Quinn, Chris & Niki

Quinn, Thomas

Rachor, Candice

Ramirez, April

Ranck, Barbara

Randy & Ann

Rankel, John & Barbara

Rappaport, Brad & Martha

Rawuado, Joseph

Rayburn-Pizzica, Amelia

Recupero, Amy

Reed, Glen

Reed, Robert & Loretta

Reid, Lorianne

Reilly, Stephanie

Reinheimer, David

Renzulli, Patricia

Resides, Frank & L. Jane

Reymos, Jean

Rice, Ashby

Richard & Suzanne

Richards, Jalynn

Richman, David

Rickert, Carol

Riley, Joyce

Rizzo, Nicolo

Roach, Irene

Roach, Martin & Irene

Roberts, Liesbeth

Robertson, Eileen

Robino, Laura

Robinson, Amy Fay

Rombala, Patricia

Roosevelt, Francis

Rosen, Lucy

Rosenbaum, Herman & Pamela

Rosenthal, Sarah

Ross, Mindy

Rothman, Fred & Meryle

Ruberti, David

Rubin, Joseph

Rue, Maureen & Sarah

Ruiz, Rebecca

Russo, Kelly

Ryan Family

Sabocski, Michael & Darya

Sahijwani, Ben & Deborah

Said, Jane

Savakinas, George & Kimberly

Sayler, Greg & Beth

Scarborough, Wayne & Jennifer

Schiele, James & Alicia

Schmitt Cleaver, Megan

Schneider, Marilyn

Schoonmaker, Eileen

Schreiner, Glenwood

Schuck, Wayne & Gail

Scott, Paula

Scottoline, Cary

Scrimo, Melissa

Senescu, Peter & Karla

Seybold, Bill & Linda

Shahade, Lisa & Janet

Shannon, Gregory & Julie

Shinehouse, James & Patricia

Shone, Michael & Sharon

Shuman, Mark & Cynthia

Silveira, Ed & Donna

Silver, Judith

Simonton, John & Kara

Sims, Julie

Singley, David & Jennifer

Skey, James & Barbara

Slater, Curtis & Frances

Slifer, Harvey & Lara

Slovik, Monica

Smith, Harold & Annette

Smith, Heather

Smolinsky, Phyllis

Snyder, Diane

Snyder, James & Ellen

Solinsky, Lucy

Spano, Louis & Carol

Speer, Agnes

Sperg, Marc

Stackhouse, Daniel

Stahl, Bruce

Stahl, Karen

Stanard, Cara

Stanek, Shannon

Stanton, Adrienne

Staus, Frank & Gwen

Steiner, Jenny

Stephens, Sandra

Stevens, Robin

Stewart, Denise

Stewart, Kim & Evan Seaman

Stone, B. Kipp

Stough, Charles & Carol

Stout, Kimberly

Suchecki, Eric

Szewczak, Scott

Talley, Kathleen

Tanoven, Belen

Taylor, Eric & Paula

Taylor, Teresa & William

Tessari, Marcy & Domenic

Thakkar, Nipa & Sujal

Thalhamer, John & Debra

Thomas, Mary Ann

Thompson, Nancy

Thum, Deborah & Steven

Titanich, Linda

Tomlinson, Jeff & Linda

Tracy, Jessica

Trotman, Karen

Trumpelman, Joseph & Kathryn

Turney, Suzan

Tyler, Melissa

Ugrin, Scott

Upton, George & Margaret

Urbanic, Donald & Beth Ann Rosica

Urbine, Amy

Urian, Thomas & Donna

Van, Win & May

VanHefter, Cynthia

Vernik, Roy

Versteegh, Lorena

Vining, L Scott & Faith

Voit, Catherine

Vokoun, Janet

Voronko, Paul

Wable, Thomas & Linda

Wainstein, Jason & Dana

Walker, Stephanie

Ward, Paula

Warren, Everett & Shirley

Watts, Robert & Cynthia

Weaver, David & Sarina

Weigel, Gary & Nancy

Weiss, Christina

Wentz, Marjorie

West, Amber

West, Christopher & Tara

Wetterholt, Diane

Whomsley, Aaron & Stacey

Whoriskey, Joseph & Jodi

Wideman-Scott, Dolly

Wilkinson, Ellen

Wilkinson, Suzy

Williams, Cynthia

Williams-Gordon, Renee

Wilson, Barbara & Karen Frampton

Wilson, Susan

Woerner, Andrew & Laura

Wolfe, Wendy

Wood, Mary

Work, Janel

Wright, Jacquelynne

Wright, Keith

Wright, Rhory

Yangello, Marisa

Yavuz, Kent & Dawn

Yefko, Alan & Trudy

Yoegel, Robert & Mary Ellen

Yost, Elisabeth

Zadeh, John & Amy

Zavitsky, Brian & Constance

Zeis, Joan

Zito, Carrie

Zwaan, Kathleen

Zwirzina, Linda


DVCCC's CBIM Coordinator, Joe, is photographed here with Coach Larry Jackson and the Rustin High School JV Basketball Team as they receive their recognition for CBIM program completion!

Copy of 2019-2020 Annual Report.png
Group Supporters

Names in bold gave $1,000+ in FY20

100 Women of Phoenixville

AAUW West Chester/Chester County Branch




Advent Lutheran Church

Adventure Aquarium

Aegon Transamerica Foundation

Allan Myers, Inc.

American Computer Estimating, Inc.

American Helicopter Museum & Education Center

AmerisourceBergen Employee Match

Aqua America

ArcelorMittal USA

Arianna's Gourmet Cafe

Arnold's Family Fun Center

Assumption BVM Church

Atlantic Paper Company

Avante Salon & Spa

Avon Grove Lions Foundation, Inc.


AXA XL Caring Community

BalletX Dance Company

Baptist Church Of West Chester

Bar Avalon

Barkin Jewelry

Barnaby's Of West Chester

Barnes Foundation


Becker Locksmith Services, Inc.

Benari Jewelry

Benari Newtown Square

Bentley Systems, Inc.

Berks County Intermediate Unit


Betty and Leo Balzereit Foundation

Blackbaud Giving Fund by its Agent YourCause

Blank Rome LLP

Brandywine Health Foundation

Brandywine Valley Heating and A/C

Brandywine Wallace Elementary School

Buchanan Ingersoll and Rooney, PC

Business and Professional Women/PA

Calico Cutters Quilt Guild

Calvary Lutheran Church

Capital Grille Philadelphia

Care2 Fund At USLI

Catherwood Foundation


Charles F. Patton Middle School

Chester County Bar Foundation

Chester County District Attorney's Office

Chester County Domestic Relations Office

Chester County Fund for Women and Girls

Chester County Half Marathon

Chipotle Mexican Grille

Choo Choo Barn

Christ Community Church

Christine Green Photography

Church of the Holy Trinity

CKO King of Prussia

Club Pilates Exton

Comfort Care Textiles

Communications Test Design Inc

Connelly Foundation

Costco Wholesale

Couch Tomato

Covenant Presbyterian Church

Desmond Hotel and Conference Center

Devlin Rosmos Kepp & Gatcha Funeral Home, Inc.

DFT, Inc.

Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation

Downingtown Rock Gym

Duck Donuts

Duffy & Phelps

E Kirk Enterprises

Eagle Tavern

Elia Inc.

Elite Escape

Endo Pharmaceuticals

Exelon Foundation

F.W. Houder Inc.

Farmhouse at People's Light

First Cornerstone Foundation

First Presbyterian Church of West Chester

First Resource Bank

Fogo de Chao

Frontstream Comprehensive Distribution

Gage Strength Training

General Warren Inne

Genuardi Family Foundation

GFWC The New Century Club

GIANT Food Stores, LLC.

Giggy Bites

Girl Scout Troop 4711


Glitz Beautiful

Gorjana Jewelry

Grain KSQ

GRC Wireless, Inc.

Grove United Methodist Church

Gunard Berry Carlson Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Hand and Stone Haverford

Happy Romar Fund

Helium Comedy Club

Hershey's Mill Bridge Club

Hoey Investments

Honeybrook Golf Club

Hotel Warner

Huston Foundation

Independence Foundation

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

Jane C. MacElree Family Foundation

JLynne Consulting Group

John Serock Catering

Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program

Johnson and Johnson

Joseph Anthony Salon

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

KatiMac Floral Designs

Kennett Run Charities

Kennett Square Area Newcomers Club

Kennett Square Inn

Knights of Columbus, Msgr. Schuyler Council # 1333

Krapf Bus Companies

Kroll Associates, Inc.

La Verona Italian Cusine & Bar

Lamb McErlane PC

Landon Family Foundation

Lavender Hair Loft

Little Grace Bowtique

Locust Lane Brewery

Locust Lane Riding Center

Loew Family Foundation

Longwood Gardens

Louis L. Stott Foundation

Loweriders Bikes and Boards

Ludwigs Corner Oyster Bar

M&T Charitable Foundation

MacElree Harvey, Ltd.

Main Line Rehab

Malena's Vintage Boutique

Malvern Bank, NA

Marshallton United Methodist Church Men's Group

Mas Mexicali Cantina

Master P's World Class Tae Kwon Do Centers, LLC

Maureen's Gallery


Merck Foundation

Merck Matching Gift Program

Miller's Insurance Agency

Mitch Thompson and Barbara Nicholson Charitable

MNA Learning Services Inc.


Moms Club Of Downingtown East

Morgan Stanley GIFT Fund

National Giving Alliance

Network for Good

Newcomers Club of Central Chester County

Noonday Collection

Northbrook Canoe Company

Nothing Bundt Cakes Exton

Now and Zen Yoga

Only Results Fitness

O'Rourke + Sons, Inc.

Owen J. Roberts Education Foundation

Oxford Presbyterian Church

P.J. Whelihan Restaurant Group

PA Head Start State Collaboration Office

Pagnotta Engineering Inc

Pairings Cigar Bar

Panera Bread


Pearls of Distinction Foundation of Alpha Kappa Alpha

Penn Oaks Tennis & Fitness Club

Pew Charitable Trust

Pfizer Employee Giving & Matching Program Participants

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Foundation

Philadelphia Urban Adventures

Phoenixville Community Health Foundation

Phoenixville Jaycees Foundation

Phoenixville White Horse Rugby

Pietro's Prime Steakhouse and Seafood

Pittsburgh Steelers

PJ Ryan's Pub


Platinum Hair Salon

Play-a-Round Golf

PMC Group, Inc.

PNC Financial Services Group

Pocono Raceway

Portabellos of Kennett Square

Presbyterian Women in the

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Inc.

Presbytery of Philadelphia

Purses Full Of Hope

Radian Guaranty Inc.

Renaissance Academy

Republic Bank

Reveal Salon for Women

Ripplewood Whiskey & Craft

Rotary Club Of West Chester

Saint-Gobain Corporate Foundation

Sarah Starkweather Elementary School

Satterthwaite Family Fund

SERVPRO of West Chester

Side Bar & Restaurant

Solutions for the NonProfit

Something Unique


Sparklage Dance Studio Lesson

Spectrum Architectural Products

Split Rail Tavern

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

St. Anthony's Restaurant

St. Francis-in-the Fields Episcopal Church

St. John's United Church of Christ

St. Rocco Church

St. Vincent United Church of Christ

Stickman Brews

StoneRidge Investment Partners, LLC

Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young

Stream Companies

Suitelife Underwriting Managers

Suzie Gaffney Styling

Sweeney and Sheehan

Swig - Event Staffing and Coordination

Team Weston Of Weston Solutions

Teca Restaurant

The Social

TITLE Boxing Club Malvern

TouchPoint, Inc.

True Power Electric

UGI Corporation

Unitarian Congregation Of West Chester

United Methodist Women of West Chester

United Way Donor Choice Designations

Uno Chicago Grill

Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center

Urban Air Adventure Park

Uwchlan Hills Elementary

Vanguard Employee Giving & Matching Program Participants

Vanguard Group Foundation

Venture Insurance Programs

Verbena BYOB

Vibe Vault Fit

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.

Vital Touch Wellness, LLC

Wawa Foundation

Wayne A. Simpson Architect, Inc.

WC Alumni Association of Kappa Kappa Gamma

Wellness Center of Chester County

Wellness In Harmony

Wells Fargo Matching Gift

West Chester Area Education Association

West Chester B. Reed Henderson High School

West Chester Cycling Club

West Chester Downtown Foundation Grantmaking Endowment

West Chester Police Department

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Weston Women's Network

White Glove Car Wash

Whitford Country Club

Women's Way

WSFS Bank Foundation

Zukin Realty

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James and Patricia Shinehouse

Allan Myers, Inc.

TouchPoint, Inc

Avison Young

BB&T, now Truist

Becker Locksmith Services, Inc.

Blank Rome LLP

Brandywine Valley Heating & Air Conditioning

Honrable Becky and Mike Corbin

Communications Testing Design, Inc. (CTDI)

District Attorney Deb Ryan

DFT, Inc.

F.W. Houder, Inc.

Krapft School Bus

Kroll, a division of Duff & Phelps

Lamb McErlane PC

Rodger and Michele Ollis

Richard and Elizabeth Purcell

SERVPRO of West Chester/Southern Delaware County

Venture Insurance Programs & Harcey Insurance Group

Weston Women's Network


AFC Urgent Care

Nicole and Caswell Anderson

Avison Young


Thomas and Laura Dushkewich

First Resource Bank

Gerard and Jean Francois

Christine Palmer Hennigan, ChFC, CDFA

Susan Hipp-Ludwick and Mark D. Ludwick

Matthew Holliday

John Serock Catering

Gary and Kitty Knox

MacElree Harvey, Ltd.

Miller's Insurance Agency

Solutions for the Nonprofit and Davis Tractenberg, Inc.

Karen Stahl

Sweeney & Sheerhan, P.C.

UGI Corporation

May and Win Van

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.

Tom and Linda Wble

Dolly Wideman-Scott

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Lewis C. Greist, Sr.

Phyllis Smolinsky

Linda Liebman

Shelley Isaacsohn

Robert Mallace

Gloria Konsler

Roy Vernik

Eileen Robertson

Martha and William Lowther

Nanci Hendrickson

M. Ellen Foley

Cynthia and Forrest McIlwain

Ed and Donna Silveira

Geraldine and Samuel Feldman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Plante

Eric and Paula Taylor

Barbra Chisena

In Memory of Rus Stahl

Karen Stahl

Arnold Borish

Bruce Stahl

John and Noelle Obara

In Memory of Karen Leuthy

Ian Horowitz

In Memory of Theresa Paradiso

Nancy Langr

In Memory of Millie Abrams

Elisabeth Yost

In Memory of Barbara Carrick