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This section of the DVCCC website provides resources, information, videos, and webinars on healthy masculinity and relationships and is a place to connect with and learn more about DVCCC's
Coaching Boys Into Men youth empowerment leadership program

Check out this series of At-Home CBIM Lessons and Workouts from our Program Coaches & Supporters! 


Web Blogs:

Redefining Manhood: How to Promote Healthy Masculinity Among Boys from Online Counseling Programs Blog

The Good Men Project - a free, accessible, online publication with various topics related to positive masculinity


Breaking the Boy Code - Join Jonathon Reed as he weaves together the experiences of boys with the perspectives of leaders in progressive masculinity.

Modern Manhood - German Villegas’ Modern Manhood podcast explores the broad experiences and perspectives of men around masculinity.

Oreja Peluda - Join Daniel Perez as he dives into the world of positive masculinities...en Español!


Video Library
Check out these videos & webinars created and inspired by members of the Coaching Boys Into Men team!

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Are you a coach or school administrator who is looking to make a big change in the health of your student body?

According to the Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS), risk factors for violent and dangerous behavior among youth in Chester County are rising and protective factors are declining.


Protective factors help teens from engaging in risky behavior - like violence, truancy, and drug use. Programs that help educate and facilitate healthy youth/adult relationships are key to building better protective factors here in our communities.

Funded through the CDC, Coaching Boys Into Men (CBIM) is a FREE evidence-based program that is built around the basic tenants of nonviolence, integrity, and respect, and utilizes the strong relationships between coaches and their athletes to address important topics each week.


DVCCC trains and supports the coaches of high school athletic programs to independently utilize a series of 12 conversations – ranging in topics from personal responsibility and cyberbullying to handling aggression and consent – into their locker rooms, serving as role models for their athletes on – and off – the field or court!

All Coaches need to do to get involved in this FREE PROGRAM is:

  • Attend a training & stay in touch with our Coaching Boys Into Men Coordinator

  • Engage Athletes in an anonymous Pre-Season Survey

  • Celebrate Athletes' CBIM Participation with a DVCCC-sponsored "Pledge Day"

  • Engage Athletes in an anonymous Post-Season Survey

  • Watch your athletes and their peers flourish!


If you are interested in learning more about our FREE evidence-based Coaching Boys Into Men or scheduling a coaches training, contact the Coaching Boys Into Men Coordinator:

Joseph Henson –

"Your Coaching Boys Into Men program is near and dear to my heart, as you are working on changing attitudes of young men. I've always said the way to end this violence is to change the culture. You are doing that."

- President Joseph R Biden

(in a 2019 letter to the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County)