Coaching Boys Into Men:
 The Domestic Violence Center's Resource Page for the CBIM Program

This section of the DVCCC website provides resources, information, videos, and webinars on healthy masculinity and relationships and is a place to connect with and learn more about DVCCC's
Coaching Boys Into Men youth empowerment leadership program

Check out this series of At-Home CBIM Lessons and Workouts from our Program Coaches & Supporters! 


Web Blogs:

Redefining Manhood: How to Promote Healthy Masculinity Among Boys from Online Counseling Programs Blog

The Good Men Project - a free, accessible, online publication with various topics related to positive masculinity


Breaking the Boy Code - Join Jonathon Reed as he weaves together the experiences of boys with the perspectives of leaders in progressive masculinity.

Modern Manhood - German Villegas’ Modern Manhood podcast explores the broad experiences and perspectives of men around masculinity.

Oreja Peluda - Join Daniel Perez as he dives into the world of positive masculinities...en Español!