/əmˈpouərmənt/. noun. the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.


At DVCCC we have three types of volunteer opportunities available:

  • Direct Volunteers are those who work directly in any way with participants or their children, do administrative work, and/or represent the agency with community outreach.

  • Project volunteers are those who want to help our agency, but do not have time availability to commit to being a direct volunteer. These volunteers are contacted on an as-needed basis when there is a project to be completed, and they help if they are available.

  • The Friends of DVCCC are an independent, volunteer-based group that works to organize fundraising and awareness events for our agency. If you enjoy planning events, raising funds and awareness for awesome causes, and want to engage with the Chester County community in a meaningful way, this is the perfect fit for you!

For more information on these volunteer opportunities, click here!


Protecting Victim/Survivors in Pennsylvania:

Fighting for Policy Change

Law and policy play an essential role in society’s response to domestic violence. Likewise, it is essential for those who care about ending domestic violence to let their lawmakers know their views and help improve the systemic response to domestic violence. Learn more about Pennsylvania's state public policy needs regarding Domestic Violence by clicking here.

Current PA State Pending Legislation

Call our 24-hour, free hotline 888-711-6270 or 610-431-1430

If you are in immediate danger, DIAL 911

If you are in immediate danger and cannot call,

TEXT 911 if you are in Chester County

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