Education & Prevention Programs


DVCCC provides educational and prevention programs to help the community better understand the issue of domestic violence, identify abuse and unhealthy behaviors in relationships, and safely and appropriately intervene or seek help. Below is a list of several educational programs DVCCC offers – if you are interested in something, but do not see it listed, please contact the Director of Education Programs for more information.


YOU Can Get Involved with our

Spring Outreach!


The organization, “Roses against Violence,” from Austria, reached out to DVCCC on Instagram to see if we would join them in sharing the mission of their self- proclaimed “guerrilla art project” – founded in 2018 on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women with the purpose to raise awareness of the issue of violence against women. We looked into their movement and knew we had to participate!

Roses against Violence involves crocheting purple roses and placing them in visible public spaces!

As a volunteer and supporter of ours, we want to ask you to participate and help us as #WeEmpowerwithMayFlowers throughout MAY 2021 of Domestic Violence & DVCCC’s Services through the

Roses against Violence project!

Learn More About How To Get Involved Here

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Domestic Violence Awareness Presentation:

DVCCC works with each group to tailor this presentation to the needs of various unique audiences. Domestic Violence is a prevalent issue in our society, affecting 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men each year. DVCCC provides a general presentation overview of Domestic Violence. This presentation provides information about the definition of domestic abuse, statistics, the cycle of abuse, red flags/warning signs, how to help a friend/loved one, as well as resources/options available for those seeking help.


Teen Dating Violence Presentation:

Did you know that 1 in 3 teens, regardless of gender identity, experience some sort of dating abuse each year? DVCCC is proud to partner with various schools in Chester County (middle schools, high schools, and colleges) to provide in-class presentations for students that cover the issue of Dating Violence. In this presentation, students learn about healthy vs. unhealthy relationship behaviors and how to identify these and seek help/help others. Students also discover how cellphone and social media communication can be used as a tool by abusers to keep control over their partners.


Coaching Boys Into Men:

DVCCC is changing what we think of as “locker room talk” in our High School athletic programs! Coaching Boys Into Men is an evidence-based program that is built around the basic tenants of nonviolence, integrity, and respect, and utilizes the strong relationships between coaches and their athletes to address important topics each week. DVCCC trains coaches of high school athletic programs to integrate a series of conversations – ranging in topics from personal responsibility and cyberbullying to handling aggression and consent – into their locker rooms, serving as role models for their athletes on – and off – the field.


If you are interested in learning more about Coaching Boys Into Men or scheduling a coaches training, contact the Coaching Boys Into Men Coordinator:

Joseph Henson –


Lethality Assessment Program (LAP):

Chester County’s Law Enforcement officers are often the first line of defense for victims of crime, especially Domestic Violence. When our police are able to identify a dangerous or lethal situation and provide victim-centered and trauma-informed support during emergencies, they are setting the stage for a positive transition to survivor safety. DVCCC trains local police and partners with the departments to identify victims of domestic violence, assess their safety, and immediately connect them to our agency – all while still on the scene!

If you are interested in learning more about the LAP program or scheduling a law enforcement training, contact the LAP Coordinator:

Ashley Folchman -


Domestic Violence & Health Care Providers:

Did you know that 37% of victims of domestic violence feel safest disclosing their abuse to a health care provider? Nurses, doctors, and others in this field are poised to identify and assess individuals early on in the cycle of abuse and to provide them with support and assistance in documenting abuse and seeking services. DVCCC provides educational presentations tailored to the needs of the medical community, to provide our county’s health care workers with the skills needed to identify and assist victims of abuse.

"I am Little Red" Anti-Human Trafficking Program:

This educational program, featuring an age-appropriate animated film from the creators of Toy Story, is presented in partnership with CCAT, the Chester County Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition, and covers the tactics traffickers use to manipulate, recruit, and groom children into the trafficking industry. This program is aimed at youth aged between 11 and 14.

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If you are interested in learning more about or scheduling presentations or programming,

contact the Director of Education Programs:

Amelia Rayburn -